Project Solar Equipment Specifications

At Project Solar, we optimize your solar build to be balanced for ROI, longevity, and aesthetics. Learn more about our panel philosophy here.

Below you will find our standard equipment builds. Premium panels are available for an upgrade fee. The upgrade fee reflects the additional cost of the panel and supporting micro inverter for that panel. We've chosen the standard equipment based on maximizing ROI over the life of the system. 


Name: Jinko Eagle  Model: JKM320M-60HBL
Rated Power: 320W Warranty: 25 years to 80%
Cell Type: Monocrystalline Avg Power Year 25: 85%
Build Quality: IEC 61215 Aesthetic: Black-on-black

Spec sheet download.


Name: Enphase Energy IQ7 Model: IQ7-60-x-US-240
Efficiency: 97% Warranty: 25 year
Type: Micro Inverter Panel level optimization

Spec sheet download.


Name: Iron Ridge Flush Mount System  Rails: XR10
Rating: UL 2703  Warranty: 25 years
Engineering documents: YES Roof Type: Shingle & Tile
Wind rating: 90-120* Snow: 0-40 PSF*

*Range determined by span between anchors
Data sheet download
Rail spec sheet download

Panel Upgrade List:

Looking for a specific panel? We can source almost any panel, however, we exclusively work with Enphase Micro Inverter equipment. All prices below are represented in the increase to price per watt from our base price with standard equipment.

The PPW increase will reflect the additional cost for the panel and the upgraded micro inverter, if a micro inverter upgrade is required (higher wattage panels require more expensive versions of the micro inverter). 

All panels will have a 25 year warranty. For degradation warranty and degradation history, review the provided spec sheet, linked to model number.

Name Model Power Rating Cost Increase (PPW)
Aptos DNA-120 DNA-120-MF23 320W -
Q Cells
BLK G5 305-320
320W $0.11
LG 320
320 $0.39
Panasonic 320
320 $0.36
Q Cells 425 (2 ft longer)
(silver frame)
425 $.15