Panel Upgrade Options with Project Solar + Our Panel Philosophy

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At Project Solar, our mission is to make solar not only "affordable" (overused vague marketing word), but also the best performing investment in a household's portfolio.   

A Range Rover could be affordable to some, but that doesn't mean that it is a good investment. 

By cutting out commissioned sales people (often door knockers), and by focusing on efficient and scalable business practices that leverage technology, internet marketing, and economies of scale, we are able to drastically reduce the cost of solar, often below commercial rates. 

Customers are seeing ROI's ranging from 18-45% (state depending).

To learn more about our pricing model, check out our article Solar Pricing with Project Solar blog post. 

How We Chose Our Preferred Panels

We set out to find the best panels for ROI. This entails reviewing and balancing three main categories: build quality, performance, and esthetics.

We first started with aesthetically pleasing, black-on-black panels that are tier 1 and have a full 25 year warranty, and then optimized for the lowest price per watt. This doesn't mean the cheapest panel, it simply is a ratio of output over cost, meaning the best performance for the money. 

For an in-depth guide on how to analyze the ROI of a panel, and more specifically, why premium high wattage panels are rarely worth the extra expense, click here

Preferred Panels and Upgrade Prices

We have two favorites, the Jinko 320w and the Aptos 320w panels. Both are black-on-black, tier 1, monocrystaline panels with full 25 year warranties, and a guaranteed production value of 85% by year 25. They are fantastic panels that rarely ever have issues, and are our #1 choice. 

In our opinion, these two panels (which power 90% of our customers homes), strike the perfect balance of attractive appearance (black-on-black), high efficiency at 320w, and build quality/warranty. 

The Jinko/Aptos 320w panels are baked into our pricing. So the quote that you receive through our solar quote calculator reflects these panels (and other needed equipment).

For some homes with high energy use and a small amount of usable roof space, higher wattage panels may be desired. Or, if you have your mind set on a specific panel, we are happy to oblige. We simply increase our rate by the cost difference of the panel. See below for a list of the price per watt increase for different panels. This is not a complete list, but simply a most commonly requested. 


Name Model Power Rating Cost Increase (PPW)
Aptos DNA-120 DNA-120-MF23 320W -
Q Cells
BLK G5 305-320
320W $0.11
LG 320
320 $0.39
Panasonic 320
320 $0.36
Q Cells 425 (2 ft longer)
(silver frame)
425 $.15

All employees at Project Solar are non-commissioned based, and all panel upgrades reflect the actual price increase on our end. We don't profit more or less based on the equipment you chose. 

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