About Us

At Project Solar, we aim to make solar so incredibly easy and affordable that it becomes the financially prudent energy option for all homeowners. 

By cutting out the door knocking salesmen and leveraging the power of internet marketing ecommerce, we've created a more efficient solution that drastically reduces cost while simultaneously improving the customer experience. 

With modern lidar technology and satellite imagery, we are able to build out a system design for your home, from our remote locations. Coupled with economies of scale on standardized equipment, we're able to offer the lowest price solar in the nation, without compromise on quality. 

As we grow, we continue to onboard qualified partners so that we can offer full service install at fair and flat rates. 

Join us as we work to expand solar and green initiatives nationwide. 


Our story begins with a disheartening realization, that the renewable energy sector was out for profit over climate progress.

In 2016, Project Solar founder Trevor Hiltbrand was shopping around for solar, getting multiple quotes, all in excess of $40,000 for a 10kW system. The salesmen pushed loans and payment deferments, filled with promises of massive savings on monthly utility bills. Although savings were possible, even at the $40k price point, it felt off. It felt pushy and greedy. And the more Trevor dove into it, the more he realized that the industry as a whole was broken. 

Fast forward a couple years, and Trevor and his team developed a DIY system so easy and foolproof, that friends and family word of mouth morphed a passion project into a full fledge DIY revolution and Project Solar was born. 

That same 10kW system quoted at over $40k could be had for under $10k, not only making going solar more attractive and affordable, but making it an amazing investment strategy that yields a 20-30% ROI. 

We'd love for you to join us in doing our part in making renewable energy not only the environmentally responsible option, but also the financially prudent one as well. 

Check out our new AI calculator to see how much you could save on solar.